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HERessentials Body LLC

HERyoni mask brush

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Our HERyoni Mask Brush is a high quality, soft and non-irritate brush.They are very essential for applying your YONI BRIGHTENING MASK

Size of Detail:
●Total Length:17cm/6.7 inch
●Hair Length:2.8cm/1.1 inch
●Hair Brush Width:3cm/1.2 inch

HERyoni Mask Brush:
●Material:Metal Aluminum Tube and Clear Acrylic Handles,which will not easily fall off.Made of high quality of Artificial soft fiber,touch soft,elastic and non-irritate.
●Completely Safe&Hygienic.
●Professional grade quality
●Gentle,Safe and Effective.
●Hypoallergenic.Suitable for Sensitive Skin

1.Moisten the brush with warm water and press lightly to remove excess water.
2.Apply an appropriate amount of mask with a facial brush onto the OUTER PART OF YOUR VAGINA, INNER THIGHS, BIKINI AREA then gently push it out to cover the area evenly.
3.Rinse the mask off with water from your yoni area.
4.After using,clean the brush and wipe with paper towel,allow brush to air dry and store in a cool,dry place.